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    My name is Mandy and I am a photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I do birth, newborn, children and family photography as well as provide casual headshots for personal or professional use. I am primarily a natural light, on-location photographer but have a small St. Paul studio for newborn and headshot sessions.

    I also provide fun, casual school portraits for preschools and daycare centers. If your school is ready for something different, let's get in touch!

{Still on holiday break but catching up on some blog posts…}

I’m realizing now as I prepare this blog post that I never blogged the photos from our mini-session earlier this summer which I will need to remedy soon. But this Fall, I got to spend a full session photographing this amazing mother-daughter relationship. I know this little lady through my preschool photography and I always love getting to spend time with the preschool kids and their families outside of the school setting. But being able to do a full shoot with just a mom and her daughter was so special – not something I often get to do but something that I should probably do more of.

mother and daughter in field

mom and daughter in a field

portraits of a mother

mom and daughter snuggling

mom and daughter hugging

mom and daughter walking by lake

little girl peeking behind hair

mom and daughter in leaves

little girl in leaves

mom and daughter laughing

mom and girl

mother and daughter relationship

mom and daughter playing in leaves

daughter and mother together

Glimpses of Soul Photography will be closed from December 16 – January 13th.

Woah, you may say, that’s a long time! It is. It’s one of the benefits of working both weekdays and weekends throughout the rest of the year and with very few breaks. But Christmas is my very favorite time of year – the whole season of it, not just the day. And this year, I’m making time to enjoy it. I’m still finishing up some editing and waiting on one more little babe to enter the world, but not accepting new orders or booking new sessions or checking email very often until January 13th.

Wanna know what I’ll hopefully be doing during this time?

  • baking cookies
  • wrapping gifts. Also wrap gifts on behalf of other people because that is the lifelong curse of someone who once worked as a gift wrapper in a toy store.
  • listening to Christmas music (traditional, please.)
  • spending lots of time hanging out with these guys…
  • photo 1-3

  • …and maybe taking some actual photos of them so that I have more to share than iPhone pics?
  • reading a book? (woah!)
  • doing crafts! Subsequently qualify for the Pinterest fail blog.

But it won’t be all fun and games during this time. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes businessy stuff that really needs its own time to be dealt with. Like…

  • setting up and learning my new studio management software which will eventually be awesome and save me time but will likely make me crazy first
  • updating everything computer-related that needs updating that I was too scared to update in a timely fashion because updating anything in the midst of busy season is just asking for trouble
  • blogging some of the shoots I’ve been doing recently. Or less recently.
  • prepping for 2014.

That last one is a biggie and what I’ll mainly be focusing on the first two weeks of January. I do love a fresh slate, a clean start, a new year, and I’ve got ideas and changes in mind for Glimpses of Soul Photography. It’s really great when a new year takes off with a running start but it’s so easy for all of the behind-the-scenes things that are perpetually waiting for downtime to just get run over.

So I’ll still be posting here and on Facebook but inquiries, orders and bookings will be saved for January 13th when I promise to take extra special care of whatever you need.

Happy Holidays!

During a week when we’ve been lucky to even hit double digit temperatures, it seems crazy to think back on this session and how impossibly hot it was that evening. Luckily, this family managed to stay cool and calm. Me on the other hand? Yeah, not so much.

This littlest guy, I’ve been photographing him since he was just a baby, every year at preschool. But they hadn’t had updated family portraits since he was a newborn so I got to meet the whole family, big brothers included. Lots of adoration between the little and the bigs, it was pretty cute. And lots of sports talk, too!

minnesota family portraits

three brothers

brothers in blue

happy little boy

mother and son

dad and sons

father and son laughing

father and son portrait

husband and wife

father and sons portrait

Two things I love in particular about newborn photos: when they have lots of hair and when they belong to friends of mine. Double bonus with this little guy! I told his mom that I was holding her photos hostage until I got to cuddle with him again. Luckily, she easily agreed. He’s already a month old! Christmas-time baby snuggles are even better.

Plus, you fashion-minded folks need to check out his mom’s baby style and kids style Pinterest boards. So, so much really great stuff.

swaddled newborn

mn newborn with hat

I have a complete fascination with multiples. I love to read about them or watch any sort of tv or movie that involves them (including, ahem, every single Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie because I have no shame. Okay…I have some shame) and I especially love getting to photograph them.

I had a fun early morning shoot with this family and their set of twins who wanted to run and explore nonstop. We tromped through the woods, ran down paths, got wet and covered with all kinds of weeds and oh yeah, managed to get a couple of photos in the midst of it all.

minneapolis family photos outdoors

blonde boy in woods

family in mn woods

dad throwing son

dad hugging kids

mom with kids

family outdoors

family walking away

Next week is back-to-school for Glimpses of Soul Photography. Weather-willing, all schools will be doing their school portraits outside again. The great thing about being outdoors is that the background tends to go well with so many options. But in case you’re having a hard time deciding how to dress those kiddos, I thought I’d put together some ideas to get you thinking.

With the greenish backdrop of outdoors, bold and bright colors work great. Layers and textures add interest to any photo. Generally, kids who can sit in a chair are photographed from the waist up so you don’t have to worry too much about pants and shoes. Little ones who don’t sit at all or aren’t quite steady enough to be sitting in a chair will be photographed against a white blanket and may have more of their outfit in view so cute pants or tights can be fun.

Some general tips:

  • Make sure the outfit fits well. Gappy, droopy clothing isn’t flattering, looks messy and will “swallow up” babies.

  • A quick mist of hairspray might help hair stay in place a bit, although we know that’s generally a losing battle and do our best to comb right before.
  • Simple headbands are great to keep hair tidy and add interest but like clothing, don’t look great if they’re too big or constantly falling forward. Likewise, a simple headband with a small flower or two can add a touch of “girly” to the little baldies who don’t quite have hair yet but giant flowers can detract from their adorable faces.
  • Summer dresses are pretty but it can be chilly outdoors. Adding a sweater or shrug helps prevent goosebumps.
  • Baby oil is great for removing temporary tattoos. In case you don’t want Angry Birds in your photos.

Below are some pieces that would work great for school photos. Everything pictured is from Carter’s, Old Navy, Gap or Target. Click through for details on individual pieces.

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