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    My name is Mandy and I am a photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I do birth, newborn, children and family photography as well as provide casual headshots for personal or professional use. I am primarily a natural light, on-location photographer but have a small St. Paul studio for newborn and headshot sessions.

    I also provide fun, casual school portraits for preschools and daycare centers. If your school is ready for something different, let's get in touch!

I wanted to share a few photos of the Slice of Life album from this Slice of Life session last year. I love these photo books. They’re printed on felt paper that feels amazing to touch and they come in a sturdy storage box should you decide you don’t want to have your album prominently displayed on your coffee table (which is just craziness).

custom photo albums

Have a favorite family activity? Book your own Slice of Life session and capture those memories forever!

Let’s face it, winter is never going to end. The snow is never going to melt. And I’ve completely accepted it.

So let’s fill March with studio sessions! We’re offering a special month-long deal for kiddos 1 and under. This is a great time to let them show off their new sitting or standing skills or to sneak in some updated photos if you haven’t had any since they were first born.

Unlike our typical mini-sessions, these won’t be back-to-back on a single date. You can schedule a date and time that works for you.

You can pick from our selection of printed or solid color backdrops and floordrops or let us know what your little one will be wearing and we’ll select for you. We’ve also got a small stash of rompers, diaper covers, hats and other accessories that you’re welcome to use if they fit.

march mini sessions for babies

Contact us to book a March mini-session now!

I’m looking to work with a family who have wanted professional photos but not had them because they have a child with special behavioral or physical needs that have made them feel like a photo shoot just wouldn’t work. Not just that your kids are especially shy or rambunctious, but maybe they fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum and you were afraid a photographer wouldn’t connect with them or maybe they have a physical disability that would make a visit to the studio or a typical photo session an impossibility.

If this is you, would you contact me and share your story?

I am, above all, interested in hearing about your experiences and concerns. For right now, I will only be selecting one family to work with for this project (at no expense to them) but you don’t need to be willing to commit to that if you’d just like to share your perspective and I’d love to hear from as many people as possible.

If this isn’t you, will you share this post and help me find families that might fit this description?

This is Noah, who now ties with Connor for cutest baby of all time…the two of them, of course, being my nephews. Just before Christmas, Grandma and I colluded so that I could do some surprise gift photos of him for my sister and brother-in-law. He is the happiest of little guys and was pretty much perfect for the shoot. This was also practically his first day of sitting so he did pretty well.

blue eyed baby

smiling baby

baby with christmas lights

santa baby

sitting baby

seven month old

baby in chicago bears hat

grinning baby

baby in cap

baby wearing newsboy cap

black and white baby in newsboy

happy baby

baby smiling

baby on his back

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    Lianne Kaul - I want all of them!!

Aaaand…we’re back! The “out of office” notice has been turned off, the preschool galleries are back up for anyone who still needs to order and I’ll be spending today replying to emails and working on orders.

My break went really well. It felt quite long and yet super short at the same time. I managed to have get all of my gifts wrapped before the wee hours of Christmas Eve (which already feels like eons ago), make and eat a ton of cookies and spend time with my two best nephew buddies. My two year old nephew has discovered the power of commands so the several days I spent with him were full of “Nana (his nickname for Mandy, not Grandma!), SIT HERE,” “Nana, COME EAT,” and my favorite for whenever I was off doing something else, “Nana, GET DONE.” So, fun time with them but not exactly restful. :)

My time since then has been divided between business prep (new welcome packets! new info packet! new client management system for me! etc.) and organizing the heck out of my house. We’ve been on a several months-long project (which I have titled #projectdehoard) to get rid of STUFF and organize the stuff that remains. We are far from done but have also done so much that it’s making it easier to want to keep on going and also making it much nicer to be working from home.

And during the past three weeks, I’ve only picked up the camera twice. Once to sneak in a newborn shoot and once for the photos below which I felt compelled to do after seeing other examples online. These are soap and water bubbles which, of course, freeze in the lovely -20 degree temperatures we’ve been having lately. My patience for blowing bubbles that didn’t pop when they hit a surface wasn’t very lengthy, I admit, but I was able to grab a few shots that were kind of fun.

frozen bubbles

But now I’m ready and excited to be officially back at it. I’m feeling refreshed and eager to shoot and looking forward to providing a year of great photos and awesome customer experiences!

Looking back, it seems funny how cold it seemed during this shoot, considering that it was probably 50 some degrees warmer than it has been in Minneapolis for the past couple of days, but after a relatively warm Fall (and for a little peanut), it was pretty darn brisk.

This cute little family was preparing to make their way to Georgia where a new job and new life was awaiting them and wanted to capture a few last memories in Minneapolis before they left. We changed our Stone Arch Bridge plans at the last minute because of the cold and instead stuck around their home and neighborhood, got to capture this little gal’s FIRST time on the swings, and made a quick trip over to the Mississippi River where the foliage was looking pretty amazing.

minneapolis family in front of their house

baby on swings

baby on the swing at park

fall family portrait with dog

family in fall leaves

mom kissing baby

dog portrait in leaves

family portrait in the fall

smiling baby in snowsuit

All of that excitement was such hard work. Sometimes naps just happen right in the middle of the session.

baby asleep on mom

dad kissing sleeping baby

But that gave us a chance to sneak in some photos of just mom and dad.

husband and wife portraits

couple portraits

And once the power nap was over, we got to re-enact one of their favorite family activities – piling in bed together.

family in bed

snuggling in bed

family in bed together

cuddling in bed with dog

family cuddling in bed

bed cuddles

family portrait in bed

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