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Sometimes, especially when I’m shooting bigger events with less time or preschools where we don’t get into too much conversation, the people I photograph have stories that I don’t know about. And sometimes, they contact me later about using one of my photographs and I get to learn a little bit more about their lives which I love. Here are a few recent ones that have come my way.

  • How one man with type 1 uses diabetes devices in his daily life – Diabetes Forecast
    By Scott K. Johnson
  • My Gillette Story by Megan Hoelzel, Elaina’s Mom – Inside Gillette Blog
  • And this group, I got to photograph them because of their stories. This is an incredible upcoming event featuring the live reading of pieces written by local authors on motherhood. I will write more about it soon but in the meantime, check it out and grab some tickets.

  • More Than a Rehearsal – Listen To Your Mother
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