Spring School Photos

It’s time for Spring photos! I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new. I wanted to share a few tips for getting ready and ideas for what to wear.

Some general clothing tips:

  • Make sure the outfit fits well. Gappy, droopy clothing isn’t flattering, looks messy and will “swallow up” babies.
  • Try to skip the hairspray. I know that sounds odd – you’ve styled their hair perfectly and want it to stay that way. I am here to tell you, there is no amount of hairspray that can counteract preschool. And unfortunately, the hairspray just makes it more difficult to try and comb their playground hair when it’s photo time.
  • Simple headbands are great to keep hair tidy and add interest but like clothing, don’t look great if they’re too big or constantly falling forward. Likewise, a simple headband with a small flower or two can add a touch of “girly” to the little baldies who don’t quite have hair yet but giant flowers can detract from their adorable faces. A hat can look great on boys or girls when sized right and the brim doesn’t obscure their face.
  • Summer dresses are pretty but it can be chilly outdoors. Adding a sweater or shrug helps prevent goosebumps.
  • Baby oil is great for removing temporary tattoos. In case you don’t want Angry Birds in your photos.
  • A few other notes:

  • It’s great to mention that photo day is coming up and that maybe let kids know that they get to wear a special outfit but that’s really all the preparation they need. Make it sound fun and avoid pressuring them to “make sure you smile!!” I’ll do my best to make them laugh and get a genuine look.
  • I can seem a bit ruthless when it comes to kicking parents out of the shooting area. It’s not personal! In 99.9% of the cases, it’s much easier to work with a child when the parent isn’t watching. They may be teary when you bring them in but you’d be surprised at what happens when you’re not there. :)
  • Outdoor Photos

    (If it’s raining on your picture day, we’ll be inside so see the section below!)

    The great thing about being outdoors is that the background tends to go well with so many options.

    With the greenish backdrop of outdoors, anything from light and pastel to bold and bright colors work great. Layers and textures add interest to any photo. Generally, kids who can sit in a chair are photographed from the waist up so you don’t have to worry too much about pants and shoes. Little ones who don’t sit at all or aren’t quite steady enough to be sitting in a chair will be photographed against a blanket and may have more of their outfit in view so cute pants or tights can be fun.

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    Indoor Photos

    Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.49.14 PM
    We’ll be thinking Spring this year with indoor photos and using this polka dot backdrop which has a great mix of gray with bursts of fun Spring colors that makes it perfect for boys or girls. Bright, bold colors will go great with this drop, especially in the colors of the dots. Even patterns can work well with it. Here’s a few ideas below to get you thinking about what to wear.

    (Click through to see item details.)

    Preschool Spring Backdrop

    For littles who can’t sit, they’ll be photographed on a neutral or Spring colored blanket so pretty much anything will work!


    Of course, these are all just ideas if you need them. Let the kids dress themselves if you’d like, put them in the dress Grandma made, whatever works for you! Kids tend to be pretty darn cute, no matter what they’re wearing.

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