MN Parent Magazine Cover | Commercial/Editorial Photographer

One of the things on my goal list for 2014 is to do some more commercial/editorial photography. This was a fun motivator for that goal – a photo I took is featured on the cover of the March issue of MN Parent Magazine. I’ve had a subscription to the magazine for awhile – I like to read it myself and then keep a copy in the studio for parents to check out while they’re waiting – so it was especially fun to see my work featured on the front.

A fun bonus? It’s the camp issue. I spent many, many summers at camp, as a camper, a counselor, a staff member and sometimes even working during the off-season. Some of my very best friends come from growing up together at camp and that’s where my husband and I met as well. Camp was so life-changing for me and taught me so many things that I still find useful in my daily life (I can plunge a toilet like a champ. Seriously. But only my own, thanks) and I am such a huge proponent of summer camp for kids. So, yeah…it was especially cool to have my photo coincide with that issue.

mn parent magazine cover by glimpses of soul photography

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