Installing Machforms

Installing Machforms through Cpanel

Most websites use a brand of control panel called cPanel. You have one of these if you are hosting with bludomain. Check back to your initial emails from Blu. They should have sent you a link, username and password in a paragraph that says something like “Set email, passwords and view STATS here.” This is not the same link as your admin panel where you upload proofs and change text on your website. If you do not have information on how to access it, go here and request it.


1. Create your database

Scroll down the cPanel page until you get to the Databases section. Click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon.


Enter a new Database name in the box. The name doesn’t matter. “Forms” would work fine. Click on next step.


Enter a username and password for your database. Click next step.


At the top of the page, you’ll see the username and database name you created. They’ll be prefaced with your bludomain username and an underscore. Write these down. Click on the all privileges box. Click next step.



At this point, you can have Machforms do the remainder of the installation. Go to this page to submit the form.



If you want to do the rest of the installation yourself, it’ll be easiest if you have an ftp program. If you don’t have one/know how to use one, see this on using an ftp client.

Unzip the folder. Open the file called config-empty.php. If you don’t have Dreamweaver or similar software, you should be able to open it in Notepad or a basic text editor. Enter all your new info under MySQL settings and Admin User and Password.


Re-save this file as config.php.

Upload the entire machforms folder to your website using your ftp client.

Find the data folder within the machforms folder. Right click on it and select “permissions.” (This will change slightly within different ftp clients. You made need to look up in the file menu instead.) Either check every box that says “read,” “write” or “execute” or put “777” in the numeric value box.


Run the installer script. In your browser, you to Follow the directions there. When you’re done, go back to your ftp client and delete the file installer.php.

You’re done! Now you can go to the tutorial on creating and uploading forms.

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