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Glimpses of Soul Photography specializes in candid portraits of children and families in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


I’m working on editing this Minneapolis family session today and I just loved how each of these images seems toView full post »

Cathedral Hill Montessori School Portraits

I’m awarding myself the Excellence in Blogging Frequently Prize this week. Congratulatory cookies gladly acceptedView full post »

Preschool Day 2 | Minnesota School Photographer

Ready for some more preschool portraits? These are from the second day with slightly older kids. This is a great ageView full post »

Fun Family Portraits | Minneapolis Family Photographer

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to share these photos. These first family portraits rank among myView full post »

baby with headphones

Gettin’ Bigger | St. Paul Family Photographer

Pretty terrible that I’ve spent the week with the windows wide open and my feet bare when I still have multipleView full post »

Stolen Hearts | Minneapolis Child Photographer

My heart has officially been stolen. And not just by this ridiculously cute little guy, but by his parents who wentView full post »


I haven’t been blogging any sessions amidst these #31phototips because really, how many posts a day can I hope forView full post »

Boys boys boys! | St. Paul Family Photographer

Look at all these boys! I bet life is busy in their house, although they were all perfect gentlemen during our mini-View full post »

More Fall Sessions | St. Paul Children’s Photographer

I’m still working my way through mini-sessions here. This family came to me courtesy of this lovely family andView full post »

Yellow Leaves and Family Photos | Minneapolis Child Photographer

I connected with this family thanks to a narwhal. What, don’t you network with narwhals? I’d recommend it,View full post »

Flying Babies & Other Adventures | St. Paul Child Photographer

You just might recognize this family – it hasn’t been very long since the last time they were on the blog!View full post »

Fall Family Photos | Minnesota Photographer

This cute little family won a free mini-session on my Facebook page last Spring (do you “like” Glimpses ofView full post »

Fall Family Session | St. Paul Photographer

I have so many sessions to share but the blog is getting bit neglected while I finish up editing preschool photos andView full post »

Cathedral Hill Montessori School Grand Opening | Minnesota School Photographer

I connected with Cathedral Hill Montessori School thanks to CoCo’s directory of Twin Cities women entrepreneurs. (View full post »

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