Oh, Love! | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

Several weeks ago, Ashlee contacted me and asked if I’d be comfortable taking photos of her and her partner. I told her that I’d love to and then she let me in on the real plan. Her girlfriend, Novette, is a real fan of photos. Ashlee is a real fan of Novette. So she wanted to propose during our session so that I could capture it for them and would I be up for that.

Um, YES!

So I met them on a windy, windy Saturday afternoon and got to witness a special, private moment, followed by lots and lots of lip locking. I was really honored to be a part of that, not to mention the fact that they were just some really fun girls and I enjoyed photographing them.

(I believe love is love and people are people and the best kind of people are the ones who love photos so if you’re a people and you love photos, I am happy to make them for you, whoever you are.)

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