Minneapolis Headshot Party

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Janelle (she’s behind the great project that is Minneapolis 81…and will hopefully be reviving it soon!) contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to do a headshot party. I had taken her headshot previously and she had some friends who were also looking to get updated headshots. How could I say no?

So Janelle invited her friends and on a Sunday afternoon, put out a table full of snacks, and we set up camp in her living room, in front of a big picture window and did some headshots! I think everyone agreed that it was a pretty fun concept – a good chance to visit with friends and an opportunity to get an updated photo. I know *I* had fun.

female headshots

casual female headshots

minneapolis female headshots

I’d love to do some more headshot parties! Let me know if you’ve can gather at least three other folks interested in discounted headshots and we can set one up!

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