Glimpses of Soul Photography is owned and run by Twin Cities photographer Mandy Dwyer.

Glimpses of Soul Photography began in 2008 when a friend pushed me to stop hiding behind my photo hobby and get out there already! In the Fall of 2008, I quit my day job to pursue photography full-time. At first a wedding photographer, I soon realized that my passion did not lie there and have since moved towards photographing births, newborns & children, families, headshots, preschools and live music. 

My main strength as a photographer lies in my ability to connect quickly with children, especially the shy ones, and draw out authentic expressions from them as well as put adults at ease and create headshot sessions that are "not bad at all!" I am casual and laid back and work best with clients who are as well. 

I AM A: former technical writer; devoted cat rescuer & foster mama; proud auntie; reluctant runner; aspiring less-of-a-maximalist; sarcastic Scorpio; quiet observer.

I LIKE: sleeping with the windows open; wearing flip-flops; dressing down; pan popcorn; Honeycrisp apples; staying home; succulents; reading; zentangles; the North Shore; summers spent outside; Netflix bingewatching; imperfection.

I VALUE: connection and expressions over perfect hair and pressed clothing; humor; acceptance; close friends.