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When you’re frequently changing lenses on a dSLR, dust tends to make its way onto the sensor and then, onto your photos. (That charmer above is the result of changing lenses at the beach – sand galore.) Most cameras now have a self-cleaning sensor but that doesn’t always get the job done. Sometimes you’ll need to do some work yourself – check your manual on how to reveal your sensor for cleaning.

31X+yyPQtUL AA300A rocket blaster is a handy thing to keep around and use to try to clean your sensor of any foreign objects. Some people recommend using a can of compressed air to do this, although there’s a lot of controversy regarding that. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest it, although supposedly Canon uses this method themselves.

Sometimes, an actual wiping of the sensor is required. You can take your camera into the shop and have them do it for a pretty penny, or you can get a kit and do it yourself. This makes a lot of people nervous but it’s actually quite easy. I recommend the Copperhill Method. With that kit, they send detailed instructions on how to clean your sensor. Follow them, be careful and you’ll save yourself some money and have a nice, clean sensor.

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