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“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” – Douglas Adams

Otherwise known as “learning the hard way.” Which, when it comes to backing up files, is exactly how I did it.

Years ago, I put all my digital photos on an external hard drive, intending to back them up. Years’ worth of photos – everything from snapshots of my cats to reunion and funeral photos. Intending. And then the drive failed and I lost every single one of those photos. Gone.

So did I set up a backup system? No. No, I did not. It wasn’t necessarily that I thought it wouldn’t happen to me again, it more a case of “I’ll do it in a minute/day/week/month/year.” And then the drive I had all of my photos on – personal, portfolio, etc., failed. Without it, I had nothing to support my new business. So I paid $2700 to have the data recovered.

Guess what? I sure as heck back everything up now.

Please learn from me. Please back up not only your photos but any of your other important files. Data experts suggest a 3-2-1 approach.

3 – copies (the original +2)
2 – different types of media
1 – of the copies should be offsite

That may sound like a lot to start with so just do what you can for now, but do something. Buy an external drive and copy everything on to it. (Or buy 2 and copy everything and then take one of the drives to work or a friend’s house.)

Sign up for an online backup program. I’m using right now and the setup was easy and the uploading is automatic. It takes awhile for your first complete backup but doesn’t require any work. and are two other options.

Make it your January resolution to not let the month end without getting your photos backed up!

Today’s Suggested Topic:

One, many, find something circular and photograph it.

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